Donna and Susan have worked as groomers for many years now and as such have an intimate knowledge of what is needed in the way of grooming supplies. With Susan’s experience in the show ring, she has gained insight into the special needs of show dogs and their humans. Three years ago they took over as the Ontario representatives of the wonderful line of dog products, Plush Puppy. They also have access to a number of other distributors. This website will list the products they have and those that can be ordered. They look forward to helping you find all your dog related supplies.
Susan has become a very successful handler and both Donna and Susan have traveled quite extensively in that endeavor. Susan in a number of different scenarios has worked around animals since 1993, starting out as an assistant in a veterinary clinic to then becoming a groomer and opening up her own grooming business along with her mother.
Little Angels, named after their first Samoyed, Angel, is a mother-daughter business. Donna and Susan have always had a deep love and compassion for animals, dogs in particular. At present, they own 2 Samoyeds and a Siberian Husky.
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